Flames of the moon

Review #207 Title : Flames Of the moon by Anurag ChallapalliPage count :46 It was a short and lovely read. The author has very beautifully penned down the feeling of being in love through this book. Every line made me smile. It is written in simple language though there were some grammatical errors but that […]

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Navras Laghu kathayein

Title : Navras Laghu Kathayein by Anand RegePage count : 71Language : Hindi‘Navras laghu khatayein’ is a collection of short, perfectly narrated stories that teaches some valuable life lessons. Every story is interesting, very well penned down and describes how certain events leaves a great impact on our life. It has described the bravery of […]

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The Dawn and the Dusk

Review #205 Title : The Dawn and the Dusk by Amrita Roy About the book :The title is impressive And so are the stories.It tells about Shikha, how she met Rohan and fell in love with him. It was not easy- always thinking about him, the excitement of meeting him and now finally marrying him. […]

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Jharte Palaash

Review #204 Title : Jharte Palaash by Sangeeta SrivastavaPage count : 184Language : Hindi About the book :Poems are always amazing. It expresses all your feelings in simple words and In a most beautiful way.Jharte Palaash by Sangeeta Srivastava is a great ¬†book with amazing poems. Author has also penned down the hardships and angst […]

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The Rebel

Review #203 Title : The Rebel by Neerav BhatnagarPage count : 254 About the book :Story started with Ravi remembering the time when he first met Mr. Vincent when he was out on a vacation in Switzerland. Mr. Vincent’s character is very jolly and enthusiastic. He’s a swiss businessman, a billionaire, who seems to have […]

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Planet of troy

Review #202 Title : Planet of Troy by DG BonniePage count : 497About the book:The books describes Amiel’s quest to find out the truth about the Holo war that took his father and stained his reputation. Meanwhile in the planet of Cursia, Doctor Watkins and major Henry has spent all these years in research to […]

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Review #201 Title : Music men volume 1 Badoga by Pankaj SainiPage count : 300About the book:The story describes the superhero adventures of Sartaj. He was a normal guy, working in Bangalore. Parties, hanging out with his buddies, dating was fun. One thing that I liked about Sartaj’s character is that he could not see […]

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