Dear people

Review #126

Dear people, with love and care, Your Doctors

Page count : 294

Dear people is a collection of stories of doctors, their experiences, their struggles. It talked about the time when the technology was not much advanced and the time when they faced criticisms for their work, the time when they faced failures, when the doctor became the patient, when they fought with the most dangerous disease. All the stories describe different emotions and experiences by different doctors and what they learned from it.

After reading the book I realized that being the most noble profession, it has many difficulties too. We could not imagine the struggle of a doctor.I liked the title very much. There were quotes in the beginning of each story and at the end of every story there some facts. I really liked this idea, it is through those facts that I got to know many things about the medical field. The stories were penned down in a simple language. It was very well narrated. It was a great read and I recommend it to everyone. ❤

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